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Unique Photography

What is On Cue Photography? Well, clearly, we are photographers right? But are all photographers the same? I like to think, no. We are all different people, and we all have different eyes for artistry, so how do you know when you have found the right photographer for for you?

A lot of people will look at price first, and rightly so. We all have a budget to live with don't we? But, its not JUST the price of your photographer that you should look at, You want to look at the value you are getting for that price! Not just value in the quality of the image, but value in customer service, and value in additional options that can be offered to you.

Did you know that the image storage world has changed many times over the course of the last 20 years? Seriously! Save everything on a floppy they said. Then, save everything on a 3x5 floppy thy said. Then save on a CD they said, or a DVD. Then it was save on the USB to external hard drive (which connects via USB). Now its all in the clouds! Great! Now what? Can you get any of that information off of your floppy, or 3x5? How long before your CD/DVD and USB become obsolete?

Did you know that not all photographers are actually photographers? I know right? Who would have thought. DSLR cameras have made being a photographer a lot easier, especially if you have had no training but just decide 'hey, I think I want to do this.' You set everything on automatic and click away, which makes an expensive personal camera nothing more than an old point and click camera.

So, why did I bring all of these issues up? Because I am about to tell you how On Cue Photography is Unique not only in who we are, but what we do!

Let me first tell you a little bit about us individually. Yes, there are two of us! We are a husband/wife team. While we don't both handle all shoots for the genres we shoot, we do both shoot every wedding together, every engagement session together, most maternity sessions together, trash the dress, and most boudoir together! Uniqueness number 1! I handle the birthing, newborn (although he will come with me from time to time), through the first year cake smash! We do all forms of photography, but we have chosen to specialize (which means further our education in) in Wedding (includes engagement sessions), trash the dress, boudoir, maternity, birthing, newborn through first year cake smash!

Okay, so Walter was born here in the USA in NYC, but having parents from Bolivia and Chile, South America, he had the opportunity to live in both continents during his childhood.

First 6 years of his life were here in the USA, then he moved back to Bolivia with his older sisters and mother, while his dad stayed in the US. His dad worked here and sent money to them for living and to build their house. So at the ripe young age of 6, Walter was learning to use his hands! They lived there for 6 years, and then returned to NYC. He then stayed until he was an adult, while his parents went back to Bolivia when he was in high school. Loving the arts, and being a talented artist, he applied to the New York School of Art and Design. With only a limited number of students accepted, he didn't think he would be accepted his first attempt, yet, he was wrong. His talent far surpassed what he had thought, and was accepted. So while the rest of us 'normal' people were in high school learning History, Science, Math, Language and all other required courses, he was learning all about Art and different forms of Art, how to apply the different forms, techniques and mediums. (Lucky right?) Well, yes, for him, and for you! His dad was also a professional photographer in NYC and in Bolivia, so Walt learned all about photography not only from his dad, but then in school as one of the forms he studied. So while the rest of us were studying our History, he was in the dark room developing film and creating prints! (I think I just aged him a bit there, he will love me for that one. lol) He later moved back to Bolivia, after he graduated high school, and started having art exhibitions at local museums, started body building and competing, joined the US Air Force, and I later met him in Florida where we became instant Best Friends, and 5 years later, we started dating. We ended up having 4 kids, which we adore, and because of 4 kids we are very busy between sports and our businesses (yes, I said BUSINESSES!). Walt ended up going to college after we got married and also has his BA in Industrial Manufacture Engineering, and because of his artistic abilities, he is always an outside the box thinker. How does that help the photography? Well, he is always trying new angles, new lenses, new techniques, and he's not afraid to fail at an attempt at something, because every failure just shows him one more way how to NOT do something. The artistic shot you didn't know you wanted...he is sure to capture!

My turn, and my life has been fairly boring. LOL I was born and raised here in Elkhart County Indiana, went to Middlebury schools, started college in the nursing program at IUSB, but ended up dropping out, moving to Florida on a whim, and met my husband. I only lived in Florida for six months by the time I was home sick and moved back to the coldest place I had ever been (to which I wish it was warmer like when we were kids). I went to trade school and I am a licensed nail tech, continued my education so that I could airbrush on nails, to which I ended up becoming an educator for a prestigious company at the time and traveled around the US teaching airbrushing on nails.

I did that for about 2 years, then we were blessed with our first child. I could not return to flying out 3 weekends a month and being gone for 4-5 days each of those times, so I gave up the teaching, and stuck with being a manicurist, to which I still do to this day in my home for family and friends. I ended up going back to school to get my certification for bridal consulting, but having 4 children at home that we home school, I could not do that for a business, so after 3 years of using my own personal hobby camera and being ASKED to take pictures for weddings, sporting events, and even birthing, I decided it was time to go back to school for photography. I did not feel I could charge for my services if I was not a technical professional. There are plenty of photographers out there who have not gone to college for photography and are still professionals, very well known in the industry even, but I am used to professionals who go to school to learn their trade, so therefore, I did. New York Institute of Photography. We are now 6 years into the business, and love what we do! Since I went to school to be a bridal consultant I understand how the wedding process works, and I can anticipate how the day is going to move along, which gives a HUGE benefit to me as a photographer, and you as my client will benefit because the likelihood of us missing a major moment is very slim, slimmer than slim! I continue my education all the time in photography and of course, that information is also then transferred to Walter, so we are both getting the education. I am constantly taking classes on post production and how to make the images we capture the best they can be, and some are even tweaked so that they are simply artistic and not necessarily what you saw that day at all! ( those are called composites) I am the only one who works in post production for On Cue Photography, so all the edits come from yours truly!

What do we do for a hobby or for fun? Well, we have a NFP drama organization that we perform with, manage 95 members, direct, and just simply have fun with. We also both enjoy weight training, so we do that together at the gym.

All in all, there isn't much that we do separately. With the exception of Walt's day full time job as an IME, and his own Business, Airbrush Image! Yes, he is also a professional Airbrush Artist. He paints everything from license plates, to wall murals, motorcycles, cars, trucks, motorhomes, and yes, PORTRAITS! His specialty where he has had continuing education classes since he graduated in New York, is in Photo Realism!

So, how does all of this help you as our client? Well, we are both artistic in nature, but we both have also been taught professionalism in our career paths. You are getting an artistic professional, both know photography either raised with it, or trained in it, you are getting a male and female for your wedding photography and the benefit of 2 sets of eyes for your events.

So how does this translate for value/price of our photography? Let's speak specifically about weddings for this blog. Our overhead is very low because we are on location. Yes, we have the same expenses as all other professional photographers who run their business as a business and not a hobby, but most of what we do is on location so we don't have a studio to maintain. That drops our overhead quite a bit. And because we are married to each other, and we LOVE to work together, that is part of our blessing. So for 2 photographers, who are trained professionally, both artists, you are getting a huge value for quite a reasonable price! But to top that off, we are not a shoot and burn photographer. We are not going to leave you stranded to do the work after the event! No sir! We are a full service, full customer satisfaction company! So from beginning to end you will have us right by your side for your photography needs. Not just from the first click, but to the last product or print that we HAND deliver right to your door! We work with professional labs that guarantee their prints and products for 100 years to not fade. So you are not just getting images that you paid a great price for the service for, but you are then getting great prints and products that are going to be enjoyed for your lifetime, and then they become an heirloom for the next generation, and hopefully even a third generation! No retail chain printer can guarantee that! We want to make sure that after you have put your trust in us to capture the memory that you then get the product to match the quality of what you have hired us for! Why would anyone want anything less? But there is MORE! Because of the art background and the fact that Walt is a professional airbrush artist, we can offer you something that no other photographer can offer! Hand airbrushed photo realism heirlooms to cover your walls and pass down. These portraits are NOT printed, they are hand painted by Walt himself! In his studio! Each portrait takes about 50-80 hours depending on the size, but it doesn't stop there. If you want an object painted not just for your wedding portraits, but say a baby room (cough cough, babies do come after weddings ;) ) you already know the guy to get it done! Hiring On Cue Photography is not just a one time thing, we have so much to offer in so many different directions of life! We don't just work your event and walk away, we become friends and care about each and every one of our clients as though you are family!

Obsolete storage. So, how do we handle that one? Well, first, prints are never obsolete! They are tangible and in your hands and in your face product! Think about the last time you put your digital images on your computer or on a USB or external hard drive, did you ever have them printed? Most people will say no to that question. There are the rare few who do have them printed frequently, but that is a rarity! Your images will most likely stay on your computer, where no one else gets to enjoy them. Or they go on social media, but how long do they get attention? Maybe a month depending on the event. So you spend the money for a high quality photographer, and then enjoy the spoils of their work for a month? Hardly seems like its fair for the amount of money spent. Why not enjoy them for a lifetime where you can easily revisit them daily, weekly, or every year on your anniversary!? Now, what if tragedy hits? Let's face it, hiring a photographer for an event is always for a joyous occasion, so we tend to not think about the back side of that coin. Tragedy does hit from time to time, mother nature, act of God, fire, theft or vandalism. We gotcha covered! We keep your files FOREVER! Wait, what? For no additional fee, we keep your files backed up and kept in a fireproof/waterproof box for as long as we are alive. Wait, but what if we go out of business? We don't anticipate that happening, we really enjoy what we are doing, and as our kids get older, I will need something to fill my time with as they leave our home! So I will fill it with all of you! But, on the off chance that we were to go out of business, we would certainly contact all of our current and past clients and let you know what was going on and give you the option to take over ownership of the digital negatives! How is that for service?

What is the benefit of a photographer instead of a 'faux'tographer? We essentially could be using the same camera, right? Wrong! Yes, we could and mostly likely do have a DSLR, and we likely both have professional brand names, but it isn't the camera that makes the photographer! What? Wait, did I just say that after dropping nearly $12,000.00 on my upgraded equipment?! Yes I did! While the professional grade products are fabulous and give so many more options to a photographer, its really the eye of the person behind the camera and their knowledge of lighting, composition, artistry, and efficiency/experience, that makes the image great! So yes, we use Nikon D810 cameras (yes 2 of them) and we have all full frame lenses to go with that camera, but, you aren't paying us to use the equipment that we have on automatic! We know how to use our equipment so that we can modify how we are capturing that image, to give you exactly what you are looking for!

On Cue Photography is UNIQUE! Stop on by and check out our galleries, you will see. And when you are ready to make the commitment to hire us for our uniqueness, move on over to the contact us page, fill out the questionnaire, and we will be with you in a jif! (lol my favorite peanut butter)

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