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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We have our in hom estudio located in Goshen, IN. More specifically, we are in the Concord School District. Just 3 minutes off of the 20 Bypass at the County Road 17 exit.

What services do you provide?

We are not an all genre photographer. This is what sets us apart. We opted to specialize in a very specific group of photography. We focused on weddings for the first several years, while taking classes and prepping the in nome studio for newborns. We currently offer Maternity, Birth, Newborn, through the first year! We also shoot Boudoir in another area of the home that is an in home studio (yes we have 2). We will still take on weddings by referral, or if you happened to find us here, that's fine, we will take that too, we just aren't focusing on weddings as much.

Do you take family sessions?

This is a 2 part answer, yes and no. No, we do not take on family sessions for just anyone who wants a family session. Yes, we will shoot family sessions for those who have signed up for our VIP or Client for Life programs.

How long does a Session Typically take?

Another multiple part answer lol Newborns: I work on baby time. So what that means is that I am going to let baby lead me, and if we need to stop a little more often to make sure baby is happy, well, than that is what we do. I have had sessions get done in an quickly as 45 minutes, and some take up to 4 hours. Just depends on how well your baby sleeps. Maternity: These sessions are 60-90 minutes. Milestones: Again, we work on baby time, but not quite as free with it. We try to keep these sessions to no more than 60-90 minutes, but if for some reason your baby is just terrified of the camera (some just are) we will absolutely work with your baby to make sure they are comfortable and we get the shots you are looking for. Boudoir: These sessions are 60-90 minutes as well. However, if you need makeup we do allow for that time as we have our own make up artist we prefer all clients use. That is done prior to the session starting

Can I bring Siblings? Or do you take family shots? (newborn)

Yes and yes! We will work with immediate family only. This is for many reasons. The main reason is that the longer we are taking with family shots, the less time the baby will be settled for me to get what you are looking for in your newborn session. We will gladly take family shots with mom, dad, and siblings!

What do you feel is the best age to photograph a newborn?

I prefer to work with newborns as early as possible, without making mama uncomfortable. The younger they are, the better they sleep, and the easier they go into different poses. Although we will never use a pose that could harm a baby, they are more flexible the earlier they come in. I typically tell mamas under 10 days is preferred. That does not mean we can't work with older newborns, they just tend to take a few more breaks for comfort and settling.

How do I book a session?

All sessions are booked with the session fee paid up front. Depending on which session you are looking for, there are different session fees, and ways that it works. For Newborn, part of your session fee gets applied to your package choice. That session fee is paid all up front, and then remaining balance of your package is due the day of the session. So that when you come to your reveal /ordering session, you don't have to fiddle with the wallet. For Boudoir, half down, and balance at the session.

How do I choose my packages?

Prior to your session date, preferably when you contact me for a session, we will set up a FREE consultation. You will come to our consultation room (yeah, we have one of those too), and we will go over all of the programs and packages that will interest you for your desired genre. You will decide which package you would like, and pay your session fee at that time, and we will set the date. Newborns don't always come on their due date, so we will leave that date open ended.

How far in advance should I book my session?

Depending on the session, it can vary from just 2 weeks to months. If you are wanting the full maternity, newborn, and grow with me package, you will want to book that as soon as you start showing. That way we are sure to have the dates availalbe around your time frames.