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Q: When should I book my Maternity Session?

A: You should book your maternity session any time after you are in your 2nd trimester. Schedule the appointment for that 36 week mark so we have time to make changes if need be to the date! 

Q: Do I have to schedule so soon or can I wait until I am closer to my 36 weeks for my maternity session?

A: If you want to make sure you get the photographer you are wanting, then yes, you should book your session early! Don't wait, we tend to book up quickly. 

Q: What do I need for my maternity session?

A: You need YOU! And of course your SO. Make sure that the significant other is wearing solid colors, no prints, patterns, or logos, they will distract and cause weird designs in print. Make sure you have your hair and make up done. If you need suggestions for this, please ask, I have a list! I supply the apparel for mom, and I even have some for dad.

Q: Can I have an outdoor maternity session?

A: While this was something that I used to do, I no longer take outdoor sessions. I cannot control the weather, the sun, or what is on the ground. My high fashion gowns are purchased at a cost of $300-900 a piece, and in order to take portraits outside, I would have to charge enough to cover the gown if it were to get damaged in just the first session. I just don't risk this investment. Not to mention, we can do so much more inside! Over 100 outside? No problem! Humidity off the charts so your hair will frizz? No issues here! Oh man, its raining, but guess what?! No need to reschedule! But its cold and no snow on the ground. No worries, no need to wait, its warm enough inside we don't have to worry about it!

Q: When should I book my Newborn Session?

A: You want to schedule right after you hit your 2nd trimester! 

Q: Why do I have to schedule my session so early?

A: I am safety certified, and I only take a certain number of newborns a month. Once my books are full, that's it. So if you want to make sure you get the photographer you are wanting, you want to make sure you book early! 

Q: Why is safety certified for Newborn Photography something I should consider when looking for a newborn photographer?

A: Newborn photography is a very different game. We are working with a tiny human that cannot tell us when something doesn't feel right. They can't speak. All they can give us are sounds, and grunts, and cries. But cries are normal at this age, so unless you are trained, one wouldn't know the difference. Better yet, though, is to find one who is safety trained and certified so that they know how NOT to risk injury in the first place! There are so many ways a newborn could get injured during one of these sessions, why risk it? Its just not worth it, but the training that I have had, ensures that you can rest easy knowing that I know what I am doing, and your baby's safety is always first and foremost! 

Q: What do I need for a newborn session?

A: You need you, dad, siblings, and well, BABY! I have newborn diapers, warm wipes. all the outfits custom made to fit properly, backdrops, props, wraps, drinks, snacks, and a place to relax during the session! If you are bottle feeding you will want to bring enough to double what baby typically eats, they do tend to want to eat more during these sessions. They seem to think they are doing all the work! lol 

Q: How do I dress for a newborn session?

A: COMFORTABLY! Seriously, I have to keep the area very warm for baby's comfort so make sure you are comfortable. Bring a shirt to change into, or a dress for mom. I have shirts for dads and brothers, I even have some dresses for sisters, we can always use one of the gowns from your maternity session if you prefer! Why not get formal?! Its the first formal family photo since adding this wonderful miracle! If you prefer to wear your own clothes, that's fine too! Just make sure to wear solid colors, no prints, patterns, or logos! 

Q: What if I have something that I want to bring with me for the session?

A: I never promise to get these special requests, as it really depends on baby, and it depends on what it is. I can usually incorporate just about aything into a session as a prop or a background, but I don't promise. I have a gallery I have to fill for you, so we will work on that first, and once that is done, I will gladly work with extras, especially if they are heirloom pieces, and have sentimental value. 

Q: When should I schedule a cake smash session?

A: You want to give me about 2 months notice. Seems like a long time, but if I don't have the backdrop or props to make your theme special, I need time to get those. Some of my backdrops come from Austrailia and that takes time to get across the Ocean!

I will add more FAQ and Answers as they arise to keep this up to date!

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes! I have a couple of options. Your session fees will be made in 2 payments. The first payment is made when you schedule the session, and that half of the total session fee. The remaining balance of that session fee is due 2 weeks later! You will receive an email for that payment, just follow the link! If this 2nd invoice is not paid when its time for the reveal session, it must be paid at the reveal session (that's if it happens before the due date). 
I also offer payments for your print purchase! I offer After Pay as a payment program. If you do not have AfterPay then you will want to get it, or ask about other options at your reveal session.

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