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Ambassador Program Bump to 1!

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Imagine, earning such a luxury experience and product, while also capturing your most cherished moments for a lifetime!

How it works!

You must have a social media account on minimum 2 of the following 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok in order to participate.

Commit to the following Sessions

              Maternity session (maybe 2 depending on needs for gowns and accessories)

              Newborn session

              Sitter session

              9 Month Session

              1 Year Cake Smash

The ambassador program is a bump to 1 program so it will take place over approximately a year to 13 months maximum. During that 13 months, the ambassador will receive 5 free sessions, and 1 rescheduled session (schedule permitting) if something happens preventing an already scheduled appointment. During this 13 month contract, the ambassador will LIKE or FOLLOW all social media business pages (including posts that are not about you, the ambassador, but all other posts as well), share all posts as they are created from the business pages within 5 days of original posting, and post a minimum of three times per month about their own sessions on social medias. When posting on social medias, the business page corresponding to the platform, must be tagged in the post.  Refer in groups whenever applicable; tagging the social media business pages corresponding to the platform being referred in, refer potential clients (only the genres of Maternity, Newborn, Sitter, 9 month, and Cake Smash sessions qualify for the referrals) using the custom referral cards provided.  Ambassador will not refer any other photographers during this time within the genre that are being covered with the program. (You may refer for genres that I don’t shoot, example; boudoir, senior, family, children’s portraits, mini sessions, holiday specials; and it will not affect your ambassadorship.) 

Ambassador must have photographer business profile on their friends list so I can interact with any comments made on the posts.  You will receive swag products, such as a shirt, a tote bag etc., for promotional purposes.  Please wear and carry whenever possible. You will receive custom referral cards made from images with your sessions; 25 per session, to refer clients.  All referrals must provide the referral card in order for you, the ambassador,  to receive credit for that session (there is an exception as not all referrals will be in person to hand over a card). You will receive every edited image with the (AI resistant) watermark for social media sharing (value: min $3590 per session), as well as the reveal video from each session (value $1500 per session). You do not have to purchase from your sessions.  Should you choose to purchase, you will receive a 25% discount on all orders placed at the reveal sessions. You will also earn credit to use towards purchases based off of the purchases of those referred to me.


Upon completion of the ordering process of your referred client, you will earn credit towards FREE product/prints from your own sessions. Details provided in the agreement. 

Ambassador fee: $275.00

Review of benefits:

*5 FREE Sessions over 13 months

*On Cue Photography SWAG

*Custom Referral Cards from each session

*Reveal video set to music with all edited images in the video

*Edited watermarked images (these will have an AI resistant mark on them for protection of baby)

*No purchase is necearry for each session, you can wait and use just your credit, but should you order, 25% OFF

*Earn credit toward the FREE product YOU WANT!

Review of responsibilities: 

*Must not have a photographer lined up for any of the genres included in the Ambassador program, and not currently an Ambassador for any other photographer within these genres.

*Must be on 2 of the 3 social media platforms

*Must sign a model release allowing the use of any and all images for marketing and advertising material not limited to social media but may include hanging in hospitals and dr offices.

*Must Like and Follow Business Pages

*Must have Business Profile on your friends list

*Post a minimum of 3 times per month about your own sessions, sharing your (AI resistant) watermarked images

*Must refer OCP when applicable in groups and posts

*Cannot refer other photographers within the same genres during the 13 months

*Wear and/or carry your SWAG with you at every opportunity

*Pass out your referral cards to those in person

*Attend every session in the program

*Must share yours and other posts created by OCP within designated timeframe

*Must interact with posts on the OCP Pages/Social Media Platforms

Cost: $275, This will be refunded back by way of credit at the end of the program.

Immediate savings: $27860

Total Savings: sky is the limit, depends on credit earned, if purchase made the discount applied, easily EXCEED $30,000

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